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I am officially a Self-Published Author of a Self Care Journal! - Cancer Support Studio

Self Care Journal by Bless Your Vines LLC
Self Care Journal by Bless Your Vines LLC

Hi Humans!

In an effort to find a solution to my lack of successful Journaling, I designed a journal specifically to prompt me and hold me accountable towards my self-care. One of my goals was to bring it to the public in an effort to help others on their journaling efforts.

I launched a digital version in my Etsy shop: click here

And now I am an official self-published author with a hard copy journal version for sale on Amazon. Click here to purchase!

I am so proud of this effort and my wish is that your will fully benefit from this journal in your own self-care journey.

Love ya! Chelle

Bless Your Vibes - Cancer Support Studio


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