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Chelle Reed

Hey beloveds !!

Thank you for stopping by my online shop!

My name is Chelle, and I am many things, let me share them with you!

  • I am an Artist,

  • I am a Cancer Warrior,

  • I am a Gemini,

  • I am in love with crystals!

  • I am a Mom,

  • I am a Sister,

  • I am an Aunt,

  • I am a Best Friend,

I have always been creative and dreamed of owning a shop to sell my crafts and art. I meticulously handcraft my jewelry with intuitive design to ensure you receive the highest positive vibes. After life circumstances, I found myself struggling with my health issues. I decide to take my love of crystals, love of crafting, and love of design to bring them to you! The profits of each sale will help me save to pay my growing medical bills.


Please look around, I have a lot to offer. If you have any questions, please message me. I am happy to help you decide the best options of my art for you!


Bless Your Vibes!!

My Creative Handmade Escape from Cancer

In 2021, I embarked on a creative journey with BlessYourVibes, a jewelry and crystal Etsy shop that aimed to infuse positivity into every piece. As a professional graphic designer and a firm believer in the power of inspiration and metaphysical healing, I sought to expand my horizons and make an even greater impact. In 2023, I proudly introduced BlessYourVibesToo, a space where my creative energy knows no bounds.


My inspiration for this second venture stems from a deeply personal place. In 2018, I faced a daunting battle with chronic bladder cancer, which forever changed my perspective on life. Throughout my cancer journey, I found solace and strength in creativity, using it as a coping mechanism during challenging chemotherapy treatments. I wanted to channel this strength to inspire others facing adversity, especially those within niche communities I hold dear.​One thing I noticed was the lack of representation and diversity in the cancer community.


While breast cancer is often symbolized by the color pink, I recognized that all cancers are not pink. So, I made it my mission to represent the Top 40 Cancers through my designs, ensuring that no one feels left out. My designs reflect positivity, drawing from trending themes, and are brought to life in an array of vibrant colors or soothing palettes, depending on the message I wish to convey.


​BlessYourVibes isn't just a shop; it's a celebration of resilience, diversity, and the endless possibilities that creativity can bring. Whether you're on a journey of self-discovery, embracing niche interests like Cancer Support, self wellness, human rights, or crystal energy, or simply looking for an uplifting message, my shop offers something for everyone.


Join me in spreading positivity, supporting representation, and finding inspiration in the most unexpected places. Together, we can turn the challenges we face into powerful sources of light, love, and hope. Explore BlessYourVibes, BlessYourVibesToo, CancerSupportStudio, BlessYourVibesStudio, my Amazon Shop!


Let your vibes be blessed!

Chelle Reed
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