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San Francisco Here I Come! Solo Traveling

My Weekend Adventure in California with the Alinker

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of solo traveling to visit my younger brother Kevin, and exploring San Francisco area with my Alinker, a walking bike designed for those with mobility challenges. It proved to be the perfect companion, allowing me to navigate the bustling airports and destinations with ease and confidence. The device was a conversation starter through Hartsfield-Jackson ATL Airport and San Francisco Intl SFO Airport, helping me connect with both TSA Agents and other travelers curious about its design.

One of our first stops was visiting a hidden hilltop next to the Golden Gate Bridge where I got to see "Carl" the famous rolling fog that glides over the bridge and into the Bay so often. It was in the evening, and seeing the lights on the bridge really made it feel magical.

The next morning we got up and headed to the Mt. Tamalpais area and Muir Woods National Park. As we wound the road up and down Mt Tam, we reached the Park where the Alinker made accessibility a breeze. We started off enjoying lunch at their little cafe, grabbed some stickers for my Alinker, and headed down the trails. The Alinker's maneuverability allowed me to enjoy the vibrant scenes without the usual pain and fatigue from walking short distances. The ability to move freely and comfortably let me savor each moment and truly immerse myself in the stunning redwood trees, thick clover grounds and rolling stream. As we navigated the trail (approx. 2 miles), I did not once feel in pain or tired. I reflected that I would barely be able to get to the car to the entrance without feeling like I had to rest and turn around without my mobility aid. I just walked 2 whole miles with my Alinker and wanted to keep going! I was in complete awe!

On the way back to my brother's place, we wound back towards San Francisco, I started to feel sort of car sick. Remembering I brought a sheet of Motion Sickness Patches, I put one behind each ear and carried on. Riding past Stinson Beach, we stopped to watch the sunset. It was a serene and spectacular moment we got to share on my TikTok Live. Heading back, we drove through Sausalito where we heard a live band playing, promptly turning around to check it out since it was in a roadside restaurant (Taste of Rome) and we were starving! We got to enjoy a small local jazz band while we ate the most delicious Italian dishes and desserts!

On the last night before coming home, I got to sleep in a little bit, which was needed! My brother sheepishly mentioned a concert that was going on in Berkely of his favorite singer, Maynard James Keenan of Tool. Without any hesitation, I said lets go! We meandered up to the viewpoint at Sutro Tower. We could see the entire area from up there! It was so breathtaking! After grabbing some fresh cut fruit from a vendor, we headed back down to town. Making a quick stop at this hidden crystal witchy shop, where I grabbed a couple crystals and some Six Grandfathers incense to burn while I am out at my ancestors castles in the UK. Because we want to heal the trauma of our ancestors, right?! I am so damn excited!

On my final night in San Francisco, we head off to the Greek Theater in Berkely to see Sessanta - Puscifier, A Perfect Circle, Primus, and Maynard! WHAT?!?! It was such a moving night! This nearly 50 year year old girl can rock! BTW, the Greek Theater has recently been updated, and is a wonderful venue for shows with REALLY good accessibility accommodations! I did not bring my Alinker, but my purple cane, and my mobility around the venue went very easy breezy!

Reflecting on my trip, the Alinker didn’t just enhance my mobility; it enriched my entire travel experience. After a year of chemo treatments last year, I became so reclusive, mainly due to feeling awful and protecting my germ exposure. This trip reaffirmed the independence and joy I have been yearning for, promising many more accessible adventures ahead.

For anyone considering an Alinker for their travels or simply curious about its impact, feel free to reach out! Here’s to more empowered journeys!

Love ya!



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