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Chelle’ Travel Bucket List Adventure - Driving!

I made it to Scotland! Let me share my first experience. I rented a car and as you may know, the UK has left side driving and I’m unfamiliar with the laws, signs and common driving courtesy.

Fortunately I am a fast learner and can pick up things quickly. Here is my experience advice out of the Edinburgh airport.

Assume you will bump some curbs, maybe get the insurance to cover damage. Wish I did, those hub caps are stupid expensive! Otherwise, when you come out of the car rental, pull over safely somewhere to breathe and get your barrings. Just take time driving around the airport area. You will be honked at, just apologize and thumbs up 👍, so as not to offend.

When when you are ready to go out of the airport, repeat to yourself in your head, “left side, left side, left side”. It took a whole week of constantly saying left side in my head. I got comfortable after a couple days.

Glad I did Scotland driving first. It prepared me for London driving!! Yikes!

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Love ya!



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